Elizabeth (spaceygirl2000) wrote in love_harvey,

An Egg and Onion

Not too many people have posted, so I thought I would give a shot at it.

Hello, my name is Betsy - let me give you one of my cards. . .

I love Harvey. I happened to find him by chance one late evening when I was lazily flipping through the channels on television. I sat, watched, and fell in love. I have loved Harvey, Jimmy Stewart, and numerous other things about the film and play since.

I have a real life Harvey story to share - but as of now I am short on time. Some other day I suppose.

Has anyone been to the Jimmy Stewart museum? There is a sign that gives the price for admission and it says, "Pookas enter museum free. . ."


Question: What does Harvey look like to you?
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to me he looks just like he does in the painting.
I want to go to the museum soooo bad.....it sounds so intersting
and welcome :)
i'd like to hear your real life Harvey story :)